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Martial Arts Training

       Simply put, “good motion is good motion,” and there are many martial arts where good motion can be found! However, motion and training styles need to be categorized much like other widespread subjects. At Peak to Peak Martial Arts we teach and practice Kenpo, Street-Based Jujitsu and grappling alike, and each one of these arts is categorically defined based upon the literal range that each uses while training or in an actual self-defense situation.


       The below mentioned are completely different categories, should be respected as such, and taught accordingly in reference to the similar and abstracted philosophies and concepts of motion as independently relating to them by qualified instructors.

Kenpo - Street-Based Karate

      At Peak to Peak Martial Arts the master system for training is Kenpo. This system is eclectic in nature, street-based, explosive and universal for all types of practitioners whom are willing to take pride in what they do and train like they mean it! This system,  was designed to emphasize efficiency of body-motion and intelligent use of the mind. By using concepts, principles and theories applicable to the traditional Kenpo system, practitioners can tailor the art to their own body types and personalities.


       Kenpo (Chinese in tradition) is a self-defense based martial art, meaning that out of our many techniques and applications not once do we attack first. Being the aggressor is against our ethical code. Furthermore, Kenpo is primarily a hand/upper body system that discourages and trains against defending oneself on the ground. It must be remembered that as we enjoy teaching grappling in our school, we are primarily a street-based system. Grappling teaches you to fight effectively on the ground, but how many people can you realistically defend yourself against while you’re on your back? Proficient Kenpo practitioners are extremely fast, powerful and accurate with almost all aspects of their bodies, and we train in this way to understand striking, as opposed to clinching or grappling.

Street-Based Jiu-jitsu

       Kenpo is an eclectic street-defense based martial art that emphasizes the science behind fighting effectively, whereas Jiu-itsu does the same, yet places more emphasis on groundwork. In Jiu-jitsu the techniques and/or exercises are designed to control and maintain compliance with the opponent to whatever degree is necessary and complimentary. 


In Closing

       Anyone and everyone from all walks of life can consider themselves invited to train with us and contribute to our martial arts family, and many students have done so successfully with great confidence. Some might ask themselves the following question: How have they accomplished this? The answer is simple, our students learn from advanced and established curriculums with rich histories and lineages while developing themselves in a manner that is suitable to their own personal values and belief systems…. At Peak to Peak Martial Arts we will never hold the art or training above the student. It must be understand that successful training comes when the art serves the student, not the other way around!


       No matter your training style or preference, if you are learning from a good school that has qualified instructors, you will naturally develop progressive expectations of yourself. That is when you know that you are training successfully, so choose a school that allows you to explore all the different types of martial arts training. Pursue a school that best meets your needs and experience true growth!

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