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Family Classes

“A family that kicks together sticks together.” When a family studies a body of knowledge together, such as Kenpo, they learn to adapt in such a way that is meaningful for everyone.

Isn’t it ideal that a family journeys together in order to arrive at shared goals? With today’s technology and other distractions is it no wonder why families are disconnected. At Peak to Peak Martial Arts, we provide the opportunity for families to stay connected and learn together. Training in the family classes allows for all the members to learn the same curriculum, thus share the same vision.

At our school I teach Kenpo with my wife Lilly, and my daughter Kaylee, and by coming from a family of martial artists I can personally state how rewarding it is to not only share the school with my family, but the training experiences too. Sometimes it feels too good to be true.

Please take the time to come in with your family to experience the Kenpo system in such a way that benefits everyone instantly with the basics, and then proves consistently rewarding over time.

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