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 Kids Karate

(5 to 12 Years Old)

       As parents, we have expectations of our children learning how to be honest, productive, self-disciplined and well accomplished within our social circles. In addition, we know that in order to move beyond the public-school-system’s standardizations, our children need to be introduced to activities that will instill values and beliefs, within them, that are closer to our own. However, we tend to forget that in order for a child to develop in a healthy manner, they need to feel independent from us and safe while they are investing their own time and energy into the training methods of the activity they are pursuing. Furthermore, they need to understand the benefits inherent to what they are doing and how to relate their training to everyday situations.


Benefits Available To Your Child


       The benefits of training in the martial arts, as a youth, are many, but different schools emphasize different priorities. At Peak to Peak Martial Arts our main priority is to ensure that our students enjoy the benefits of independence and personal development via measurable confidence in every lesson, and we do this because our instructors understand that true applicable confidence is the sum of all the other various benefits in one package! For example, the children training at our school illustrate the:


  • Ability to apply intelligent thought while considering respect to intent, purpose, application and peers, thus independence.
  • Adaptability to new problem-solving measures (our students are always being appropriately challenged based upon age and maturity).
  • Age appropriate feats of physical fitness and energy management.
  • Self-discipline and control via to/from communicative feedback with fellow students and staff.
  • Awareness and enjoyment of their environments, as opposed to withdrawing from it.

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