About the Instructors

Peak to Peak Martial Arts' instructors are background checked, highly-trained, experienced and dedicated to the success of our Kenpo school.

Hello, My name is Harrison Best (3rd degree black belt in the Kenpo system and a 1st degree black belt in Kamishin Juijitsu), and I am Peak to Peak Martial Arts' Master Instructor, located in Southwest Loveland, CO. I started training in the martial arts back in 1987. My under graduate studies were in engineering and then in organizational development. As for graduate level studies, I'm successfully working towards my master of business administration (MBA) degree.


Naturally, if you or your family members are looking into signing up for martial arts training you will be interested in coming to know who is responsible for the learning and development standards of our school, and that is what this webpage is devoted to. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly at harrisonbest@peaktopeakma.com.


Kaylee has been training in Kenpo since she was four years old. She worked her way up through not only Peak to Peak's Tiny Tiger program, but the Youth and Adult programs as well. Her dedication to the students is second to none. Kaylee's loyalty to her students is reflective to that of a strong family. Her spirit and intent always proves to be in the best interest of the students. She truly understands the concept of "holding others above herself," and the sacrifices and discipline that it takes to align with our students' values. She is currently pursuing her second degree black in Kenpo in addtion to successfully leading the classe.

Lilly started her Kenpo training experience in 2014, and is a support system to not only students but the staff as well. Currently, she holds a 3rd degree brown belt in Kenpo. In addition to pursuing her black belt, and running classes, she has taken a personal interest in designing our school's womens self-defense program. 

Current Specials

- No Contracts

- $25 Registration Fee

- Now Offering Late Evening Classes for Adults on Mondays and Wednesdays (7:30-8:15)

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